Balance Our Tax Code

Washington's Tax Code
is upside down

All Washingtonians want financial stability, access to opportunities, and to build wealth for our families’ futures.

But for decades, our wealthy individuals and corporations  – and the politicians who prioritize them – have designed and maintained a tax code that allows the richest to hoard unimaginable amounts of concentrated wealth in our state.

While tech executives enjoy their fortunes and pass it on to their descendants nearly tax-free, the rest of us foot the bill for our roads, schools, and communities we all share.

Who pays in Washington?

Though some progress has been made to balance our tax code, our lowest-income residents are still paying the highest share of their income in taxes, while the wealthiest pay the least. Washington still has one of the most upside-down tax codes in the nation.

Lowest incomes pay:

1 %
in taxes

Middle incomes pay:

1 %
in taxes

The wealthiest 1% pay:

1 %
in taxes

Which means... Washington families pay
these shares of their income in taxes:

Tax rate is for state and local taxes in Washington, 2024 via ITEP

Together, we're building a tax system that:

Requires the wealthy to pay what they owe to our communities in taxes
Equitably funds what we all need to thrive

Take Action

Wealth Tax

Guaranteed Basic Income

Affordable Homes Act

Tax Credit Expansion


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