Solutions we support

Balance Our Tax Code supports a broad set of policies that align with our vision of a more just and equitable state tax code.

  • Closing the tax break on capital gains, so that the wealthiest Washingtonians pay a modest excise tax on profits they gain from the sales of stocks, bonds, and other valuable financial assets.
  • Tax large, profitable corporations through new payroll or excise taxes on salaries paid to highly-compensated employees.
  • Reforming Washington’s estate tax to close loopholes and raise rates on certain high-value estates.
  • Reinstating a state inheritance tax so that the beneficiaries of multi-million dollar inheritances contribute to public investments like the schools where our kids learn and the parks we play in.
  • Enacting a state Recovery Rebate, through a simplified and inclusive Working Families Tax Credit that would provide cash directly to Washington families most in need.