Solutions we support

SB 5906 and HB 1496: Capital Gains Tax to close the tax break so that wealthy Washingtonians pay a modest excise tax on profits from the sales of stocks, bonds and other valuable financial assets. 

SB 5387 and HB 1297: Working Families Tax Credit to put flexible, direct cash into the hands of families to rebalance the tax code and provide critical support to communities across the state.

HB 1406 and SB 5426: Wealth Tax to assess a new 1% tax on the value of stocks, bonds, and other intangible assets over $1 billion.

HB 1465: Estate Tax to close tax loopholes and raise rate on certain high-value estates. 

HB 1494 and HJR 4204: Anti-Displacement Property Tax Exemption to create an up to 250,000 dollar tax exemption for the primary residence of homeowners to help families stay in their homes.

SB 5182: Advisory Votes to repeal statewide “advisory votes” while adding more information about the Legislature’s budgeting and fiscal decisions to the voter’s pamphlet.