About Balance Our Tax Code

Balance Our Tax Code is a coalition made up of more than 80 labor unions, non-profits, immigrant rights advocates, human service providers, housing advocates and activists. Together, we work to educate, advocate, shape public opinion, and pass laws until we have a tax code that supports a way of life that works for all of us, not just the wealthy few. 

Our vision is a more just and equitable tax code for Washington state that creates a strong future where communities have the resources they need to thrive.

Why we must balance our tax code

Our tax code is upside-down. Legislators of our past designed and still maintain a system that requires those of us with the lowest incomes to pay 17% of our income in taxes, while the wealthiest pay just 3%. By funding the essential needs of our communities on the backs of our lowest income residents, the tax code starves our most vulnerable communities of the resources we need to maintain the schools where our kids learn, the roads and bridges we all drive on, or provide home options we can all afford.

Together, we can work to fix this

In 2021, thousands of us joined together and ensured that our legislators took steps towards balancing our tax code with the passage of a capital gains tax on the ultra-wealthy and the funding of a cash rebate for working families. But there’s still work to do. We need to make sure the wealthiest Washingtonians and large corporations pay what they truly owe through taxes so we can fully fund our schools, ensure quality healthcare for anyone who needs it, and provide stability for our families.